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To those who serve! I salute you and pray for you! <3<3<3 God Bless You!! Thanks for all you do!! (((hugs)))

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Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' Teaser Leaks No Footage of A-List Cast

This crap of, "it's his right", that's some bull. I guess since we have a right to say whatever in the hell you want to, then don't get your briefs in a bunch when they exercise their own rights. MY POINT IS, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD. Show some damn respect, or kick rocks!.......HE'S JUST A LITTLE SPOILED RICH BITCH BOY PIN-HEAD.


Honoring African American Veterans Black men in the armed services have always served a country that didn’t serve them. During the Civil War, thousands of black men fought both on the Union side and the Confederate side. But they fought as slaves. They fought as property. They fought for a different reason than white soldiers. They fought for their freedom. They fought for change. White soldiers fought for things to remain the same.