Intake of amino acids during weight loss insures maintenance of muscle mass while losing fat. #nutrition #weightloss #nutritioussnacks

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The Chart of Amino Acids. Essential, nonessential, and semi-essential. *NASM CPT info*

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MCAT Amino Acid Chart - Study Guide Cheat Sheet for the Biology/Biochemistry section on the MCAT. Includes structure, variable groups, hydrophobic/hyrophilic acidic and basic groups

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L-Theanine For Anxiety Relief - Find out how this amino acid in green tea relieves anxiety!

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Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids are a preferred condiment for vegetarians and vegans. However, the benefits of this amazing liquid seasoning aren't limited to herbivores. Anyone tring to live a healthier lifestyle will find Bragg Live Food Products an indispensable tool for maintaining a proper diet, so omnivores should also look into these benefits. FYI you can use this item just like soy sauce, which is exactly what it tastes like.

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