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The Autobiography of Leroi Jones by Amiri Baraka,

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Lunch Poems - Amiri Baraka

Writing legends Amiri Baraka and Maya Angelou dance in the atrium of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, over the interred ashes of Langston Hughes.

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1967 Marlo Thomas between takes on "That Girl" New York City Street Photo Art Zelin/Getty Images

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Amiri Baraka, a seminal Beat poet, angry playwright, revolutionary activist and scrappy indie publisher from Newark,

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The so-called Beat Generation was a whole bunch of people, of all different nationalities, who came to the conclusion that society sucked. -- Amiri Baraka

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Saw and article on this book the other day might be an interesting read gotta download it on my nook

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Poet Amiri Baraka Is Dead at 79

Amiri Baraka, (Leroi Jones) R.I.P. - The poet and playwright who was one of the central voices in the Black Power movement, died Thursday, 1/9/2014 at age 79.

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