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Early Loan Payoff Calculator. This site has some great, helpful calculators for all your finances. I love this early payoff calculator; it really shows how much difference a few extra dollars per month can help knock down that debt!


Use Excel to create a Loan Amortization Schedule that includes optional extra payments - an easy-to-use amortization calculator.

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Amortization Schedule Calculator

A loan amortization schedule is commonly used with mortgages and car loans - it simply tells you how much you're paying toward principal and interest. Get a free printable amortization schedule and learn how it works here!


Understand Your Mortgage Amortization Schedule and Save Money #AmortizationSchedule, #SaveMoney

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Loan Calculator - 8 Best Loan Calculators

Before agreeing to a loan, whether it's a personal loan or a mortgage, you should run the numbers to make sure you're getting the best deal, otherwise you're better off shopping around. Use these free calculators to get an amortization schedule, figure out if an interest-only loan is right for you, and more.