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10 Body-Positive Celebrities Who Are Shutting Down Body Shamers


Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and actress. She’s the creator of a hilarious parody show on comedy central called Inside Amy Schumer


"Lotta people don't know THIS IS the exercise that broke up Anne Heche and Ellen...WOa stay away from my window Melissa Etheridge." **This is too funny. #InsideAmySchumer

Humorous Self-Deprecation Skits

Humorous Self-Deprecation Skits - The ‘Inside Amy Schumer: Compliments’ Video Plays on I (VIDEO)


Why Women Need To Learn How To Take A Compliment

AMY SCHUMER COMPLIMENTS Sketch Women (including me) just cannot take compliments

WATCH: Amy Schumer Spoofs Funny Fashion 'Compliments'

Amy Schumer has distinguished herself as one to watch among the up-and-coming comedian set, female or otherwise. Her sketch show, "Inside Amy Schumer," has been heralded as "the best thing to hit the airwaves since 'The Golden Girls,'" and it's easy to see why in last week's "Compliments" sketch.