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Amyl Nitrite

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Amyl nitrite is a prescription capsule drug used in the treatment of angina pectoris (heart disease). Amyl nitrite, or "poppers" as it is known in slang terminology, is inhaled through either the nose or the mouth. After inhalation the user experiences a quickened heartbeat and the sensation of blood rushing to his head. Amyl nitrite is especially popular on dance floors and immediately prior to sexual climax. Since Amyl Nitrite is available only by prescription, Hal Fischer's Gay Semiotics…

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Vintage Amyl Nitrite tin - Parke Davis - Vintage pharmaceutical collectible


Amyl nitrite booklet - This easy to read fact sheet gives the facts on amyl nitrite – the short and long term effects on your body and life, interaction with other drugs, amyl nitrite during pregnancy, tolerance and dependence, withdrawal and more