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List of Adjectives

This could be used at home to help students with their homework when writing sentences. This is a perfect page for your child to use as a visual to improve their sentences as they are writing. As I started to teach adjectives in my classroom, I felt like my students needed a visual to remind them of what an adjective is.

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FREE! Gr. 1-3 Set of 36 task cards to review adjectives and adverbs with your students. Each card has a word on it and students need to identify if the word is an adjective or adverb.

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Students need an adjective, and an inspired one at that? Got an adjectives chart for you....

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'If you were an adjective' picture book with colorful examples of adjectives with an animal theme #grammar #ela

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Sentence Patterning Chart: choose an article, an adjective; a noun; a verb; an adverb; and a prepositional phrase to make a sentence.

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Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Adjective Lesson

Build a Monster Anchor Chart: An adjective activity for covering this important grammar skill.

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This freebie includes directions on how to play an adjective game called, "What Am I Holding?" It is very simple and doesn't cost anything! All you need is a blindfold and objects around your classroom! This can also be a fun way to assess your students' knowledge about adjectives! Grades K-3.

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A strategy to teach how to write a complete sentence- strip that prompts the kids to write an adjective, noun, verb and place.

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