Strengths and Weaknesses - Stations Activity - The Civil WarThis lesson is a creative approach to a simple topic - Strengths and Weaknesses of the North (Union) and South (Confederacy) during the Civil War. It includes a 1 page historical background handout that introduces the Anaconda Plan and the attack on Fort Sumter.

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The blockade of Charleston was a part of the Union's Anaconda Plan. It crippled the best port the Confederacy had, and it made many supplies hard to come by.

This is known as the Anaconda Plan. This strategy was the plan that won the Civil War for the Union

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Above is an enhanced breakdown of the Anaconda Plan. You can see all of the Union ship barriers around the Southern border and the West coast. It also shows the invasion routes of the Union army.

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This picture shows the anaconda plan strategy of the north. This picture shows how the Union blockaded the south.

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The Anaconda Plan is a Union strategy from the Civil War. This plan included a blockade of Southern ports, and an advance down the Mississippi River.

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Gen. Winfield Scott, 1861. A.k.a. "Old Fuss and Feathers" longest serving chief of the US Army in history. Served as general longer than anyone else in history. His career spanned 47 years. He conceived the Anaconda Plan that was used to defeat the Confederacy. He ran unsuccessfully for president in 1852. He died in 1866 at the age of 79.

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This Civil War review activity contains 22 questions (including a timeline) to help students review the American Civil War. Topics covered include but are not limited to: slavery, abolition, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, John Brown's Raid, Dred Scott Decision, Anaconda Plan, and the Emancipation Proclamation. This could take up to 2 days and would be great for a sub!

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