Make your own Egyptian collar with a paper plate. Great art project for my class! And other activities.

Great printable colouring sheets for Ancient Egypt unit.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics PDF | Ancient Egypt: Hieroglyphic alphabet – FREE Primary KS2 teaching ...

Hands-on History Activities for Learning about Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and Rome.

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Children will learn about ancient Egypt while making their own decorative collar.

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Ancient Egypt - 6th Grade Social Studies Interactive Notebook

Soaking the papyrus (many ancient Egypt activities on different posts as well.)

DIY sundial for when we are teaching Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians created sundials to tell time. Place a pencil upright in a ball of clay. Have a student go out every hour to place a stone where the end of the pencil is. Stones can be numbered to show what the hour is. At the end of the day look at the sundial your class has created.

Finished! We made these life size. Had the kids lie down and traced them. They loved it.

Ancient Egypt Unit Study I can't wait to do this with my students!

FREE Ancient Egypt Activity Village Printables ~ approx. 20 color pages

lots of Egyptian activities/lessons

Ancient Egypt activities for kids. Mummify a rubber chicken, build a LEGO pyramid, make a Nile River, a reed boat and more. | Creekside Learning

Hands-on Learning about Ancient Egypt- I will use this idea for teaching Ancient Egypt. This gives me several, creative ideas for teaching this topic.

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Ancient Egypt Definition Cards - Free printable for teaching kids words relevant to Ancient Egypt such as pharaoh, sarcophagus, hieroglyph, and ankh -

Cardboard tubes turned into Egyptian Cuffs...good way to do Egyptian art with Kindergarten!

Informational text activity book about Ancient Egypt - main idea, text features, vocabulary, and context clues. Includes QR code cards for supplemental videos. Grade 3-4

Ancient Egyptian Recipes

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