Ancient Egypt Activities

20+ Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids! Lots of fun food, crafts and activities to help you learn more about Egypt.

Ancient Egypt activities for kids. Mummify a rubber chicken, build a LEGO pyramid, make a Nile River, a reed boat and more. | Creekside Learning

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Soaking the papyrus (many ancient Egypt activities on different posts as well.)

Make your own Egyptian collar with a paper plate. Great art project for my class! And other activities.

FREE Ancient Egypt Activity Village Printables ~ approx. 20 color pages

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Ancient Egypt Activities for Young Learners and great for world thinking day for the girl scouts

Informational text activity book about Ancient Egypt - main idea, text features, vocabulary, and context clues. Includes QR code cards for supplemental videos. Grade 3-4

Great middle school social studies activity. Ancient Egypt Scrapbook

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how to make a senet board for Ancient Egypt activity

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Make your own papyrus paper. Great ideas for Ancient Egypt unit study. Delightful Learning

Ancient Egypt activities and lesson plans; scroll for food/recipes

Studying ancient Egypt? Make papyrus almost the way it was done in Egypt long ago, at Soak and weave paper strips in the Art of Papyrus activity from Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Hands-On Activities for Mesopotamia

Build a paper boat that's modeled on the ones used to cross the Nile River in ancient Egypt!

Ancient Egypt Interactive animated history map with questions and activities from

Ancient Egypt Web Quest with activities for all of Gardner's multiple intelligences! Worksheets, requirements, rubrics - all inclusive!

Using "Hieroglyphics" to translate a Bible verse - fun activity for Ancient Egypt study