Ancient Greek helmets and weapons. I enjoyed this image because it gave me an idea of what their battle attire looked like.

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This is a collection of 30 resources for Ancient China. This is a fantastic edition to your resource bank for Ancient China. What is included: 1. Virtual tour 2. Assessment task and marking guidelines 3. Map activity 4. PowerPoint 5. Model project 6. Webquest activity 7. Chinese beliefs worksheet 8. Ancient Chinese beliefs PoerPoint 9. Chinese Dynasties PowerPoint 10. Chinese Dynasties worksheet 11. Chinese inventions activity 12. Chinese inventions research Plus More

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The Glagolitic alphabet was invented during the 9th century by the missionaries St Cyril (827-869 AD) and St Methodius (826-885 AD) in order to translate the Bible and other religious works into the language of the Great Moravia region. They probably modelled Glagolitic on a cursive form of the Greek alphabet, and based their translations on a Slavic dialect of the Thessalonika area, which formed the basis of the literary standard known as Old Church Slavonic.

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The importance of music was reflected in Greek mythology. For instance, the god Hermes invented the lyre, a stringed instrument, and gave it to the legendary musician Orpheus, who was able to charm all living things with his music.

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Ancient Greek Inventions and their contribution to modern times The crane was invented to lift and move heavy objects. It is sturdier but then it was advanced for that time.

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Ancient Greek ship A rare depiction of a land-sea battle with an ancient Greek ship from a crater, Geometric Period, circa 750 BC. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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