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Ancient Greek Musical Instruments | 020musi: 1858 Ancient Musical Instruments. Nicely hand colored ...

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Ancient Greek Musical Instruments

So many of the Ancient #GreekPottery treasures are scenes of ancient musical instruments. #Music was considered 'therapia". See and learn more on private #AthensTours by (photo by Claire Catacouzinos)

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The Greek Hermes found his analogue in Egypt as the ancient Wisdom God Thoth (sometimes spelled Thouth or Tahuti). This god was worshiped in his principal cult location, Chmun, known also as the "City of the Eight," called Greek Hermopolis. There is evidence that this location was a center for the worship of this deity at least as early as 3000 B.C HERMES/THOTH AND HERMETICISM throughout the Ages

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Gu-qin ~ seven-stringed zither without bridges, the most classical Chinese instrument with over 3000 years of history. Literally, Gu Qin means “Ancient Musical Instrument”.

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Two ancient Roman bone flutes with six finger holes, Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen (Netherlands). Twin reed flutes and recorder style flutes were two of the most popular types of Roman flutes. While the recorder was fairly similar to the modern day recorder, twin reeds are no longer played. A twin reed consisted of two reeds or mini flutes, which were not connected, held together and played at the same time. by Following Hadrian, Flickr

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Morin Khuur (Horse-head-fiddle) – The most ancient musical instrument of the Mongols is the morin khuur, invented during the Hun period over 2000 years ago. When Mongolians were an entirely nomadic nation, the horse was their basic means of transport, as well as man’s best friend. Many songs and poems were written extolling the horse. There are a number of legends about how the morin khuur was first created, all based on a man’s love for a dead horse.

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How to Make Greek Musical Instruments

Music played a prominent role in ancient Greece, and was particularly important for religious and ceremonial purposes. The Greeks invented numerous instruments, including the world's first keyboard instrument, the hydraulis. The importance of music was reflected in Greek mythology. For instance, the god Hermes invented the lyre, a stringed instrument, and gave it to the legendary musician Orpheus, who was able to charm all living things with his music.

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