Spiderman/Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in The Amazing Spiderman. I gotta say Andrew Garfield is a much better choice than Tobey Maguire...the first Spidey.

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((FC: Andrew Garfield)) Hello, I'm Zach. I'm 18 and the son of the White Rabbit from Wonderland. I'm a bit shy but once I get use to you I'm a little weird. I carry a pocket watch with me at all times. Intro?

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Hey brahams. Erm, the name's Levi Jackson. Anyways, I'm 19 and I gots da power. Well, just the kind of sucky power of water control. Right. Oh and side note, food is totally welcome for a coming-to-this-school-gift. I like pie. Just saying.

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Andrew Garfield = Spiderman - Gwen Stacy + Emma Stone. | 17 Actors Who Are Basically Their Characters IRL

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