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Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend @Mark Peña @Lisa L.@Madeline Lynch @Amanda Ray @Debra Valdez

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With his 1977 hit song 'Lonely Boy' here's one of today's birthday celebrants Andrew Gold. Andrew also wrote the theme song for The Golden Girls. Andrew played a pivotal role on Linda Ronstadt's recording of 'When Will I Be Loved' playing almost all the instruments on that one record. He co-produced many of her songs and acted as musical director on numerous Ronstadt tours.

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Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy (for Chance, my oldest son who's graduating high school today. This song always makes me think of him. It's been a long, hard, but fun road... I'm so proud we stuck it thru together and made it thru the hard times!)

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Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy (1977) ::: One of those songs that drills an earworm deep inside your brain.

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Linda Ronstadt with RIP Andrew Gold & Kenny Edwards - When Will I Be Loved, Midnight Special, 1975

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Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend @D ~ I remember when you sent me this song! :)

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