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The Police (1980)- From what I've heard, Sting would probably want to have had both hands more tightly around Andy's neck!

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Guitarist Andy Summers Photographed the Rise and Fall of The Police

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Andy Summers: In The Police we were so desirable to girls but I paid heavy price

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Telecaster, I can not believe that you don't have Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar on your board ........why? he was amazing..

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THE FIGHT AT THE VANCOUVER CONCERT WAY GLORIOUS. The heckler was doing what hecklers do and Andy stopped the show, he threw the mic at him twice to say something or come up and play the guitar if he fucking thought he was better at it. Then Ashley was saying stuff and THEN THE FUCKUNG BASTARD PUNCHED A 14 YO GIRL IN THE THROAT AND THATS WHEN ANDY SNAPPED AND WENT AFTER HIS SORRY LITTLE ASS. Ashley called for someone to get the heckler out and yeah. ANDY GOT HIM. A TRUE FUCKING GENTLEMEN.

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Sting (1983) - beeing prepared for the video shooting of "Synchronicity II", by Andy Summers via rollingstone

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