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Anechoic Chamber

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The Sound of Isolated Silence

anechoic chamber

Anechoic chamber at the Harvard Acoustics Research Laboratory. "An anechoic chamber is also a kind of prosthesis, serving to eliminate sound reflections in a room.  Bell Labs built the first one, and Harvard's Acoustics Research Laboratory also built one.  ( See Beranek's Box  by Laci Videmsky for a short film on the anechoic chamber at Harvard  )  John Cage famously sat in Harvard's anechoic chamber for a period of time and emerged with a striking observation: I heard two sounds, one high…


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so quiet that you can hear your own heart thump

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Does an anechoic chamber cause hallucinations?

Does an anechoic chamber cause hallucinations? by acousticengineering: In a very quiet anechoic chamber(echo free), no sound from the outside world enters you ear canals. That does not mean, however, that you hear silence. You might hear the blood gently pumping through your head, or a high-pitched hiss caused by spontaneous firings of the auditory nerve... #Acoustics #Anechoic_Chamaber


Anechoic Chamber, France Telecom Laboratories, Lannion, France. Lewis Baltz

anechoic chamber architecture: Ultimate surround sound system


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