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Reconsidering the Moorish Idol: One makes no understatement in saying that this is a species for the advanced aquarist. Still, in consideration of all of the technological and methodological refinements taking place in the hobby, there is every reason to conclude that the Moorish idol will yet become a staple of the ornamental fish trade.


Pinoy blue zebra angelfish- what a beauty! would love to have one if I could find it at my fish store (and no, I don't shop at the big corporate stores)


Marble Angelfish (pterophyllum scalare) She's eye-balling you! ;-). They are one of the friendliest freshwater fish group. Mine will always come and greet me when I walk in the room or pass on by. I love them, there my little gems!


Angelfish Do not keep small fish like tetras or anything else under 2.5 to 3 cm long with Angelfish – you will be providing them with an expensive lunch! If you absolutely must have tetras in your tank, add them when the Angelfish are very young. When they grow up together, the tetras might not be considered food. Also avoid overly aggressive tank mates, or fin nippers like Tiger Barbs or Serpae Tetras. Because of their curiosity, Betta Splendens and Gouramis are not a wise choice either…