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Henry II (1154-89) Arguably one of the most effective Kings ever to wear the English crown and the first of the great Plantagenet dynasty, the future Henry II was born at Le Mans, Anjou on 5th March, 1133.


(7)Phillip ll the first king to be called king of the French (not Franks)..after long struggle with English plantaganets phillip broke up their angevin england king john was made to sign the magna carta...phillip went on 3rd unsuccessful crusade with Richard cour de lion......he had 3 wives but very problematic relationships.....


The term Angevin Empire is a modern term describing the collection of states once ruled by the Angevins of the House of Plantagenet. The Plantagenets ruled over an area stretching from the Pyrenees to Ireland during the 12th and early 13th centuries, located north of the kingdoms of Navarre and Aragon. This "empire", originally established by Henry Plantagenet as Count of Anjou and as Henry II, King of England, extended over roughly half of medieval France, all of England, and some of…


Map of King Henry the second's II's continental holdings in 1154, forming part of the "Angevin Empire"


This was another great Haskins conference paper from Boston - in the riveting: SESSION III: The Medieval Experience of Siege. This paper was entitled “Engineers of the Angevin Empire (1154-1242)”. What did the mediaeval engineer do exactly? Read on to find out! :) ~S