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Polygons graphic organizer and practice

Two pages of introduction to polygon vocabulary, interior angle sum, exterior angles, naming, and parts of the polygon. Twelve practice problems involve solving from variables, determining the number of sides of a polygon, and finding interior and exterior angles. Answer key included. The one-page reference sheet is a great way for SPED and ESL/ESOL students to have a quick way to access the information they need for polynomials. Happy Solving! from the miss jude math! shop


FREE {for a short time} a poster showing the angle pairs formed when a transversal cuts through 2 parallel lines

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Geometry Activity - Find Geometry in Your Name - Geometry FUN

Geometry Activity - Find Geometry in your Name! Students LOVE to look for the geometry in their own names! Geometry terms include: Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, intersecting Lines, Right Angle, Acute Angle, Obtuse Angle, Right Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, Scalene Triangle, Congruent Figures, Similar Figures, Symmetry, Vertical Line & Horizontal Line.


Angle pair terms worksheet... "for each diagram of the marked angles, circle ALL the names or properties that this pair is guaranteed to have."


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Finding angles in our names. I Like the idea in this pin, but I would have the students look for angles in the shapes using their protractors. I would initially give the students words like "Adam" to find the angles since there are many. Then I would allow the students to pick their own word, draw it, color the angles different colors, then measure and label.