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Triangles - Exterior Angle Sum Theorem #1 Coloring Activity

This is a coloring activity for a set of 12 problems on the exterior angle sum theorem. The exterior angle is equal to the sum of the two remote…


Foldable to place in an interactive notebook for students to reference. Use the Triangle Sum Theorem when solving for missing angles using algebra.


Teaching In Special Education: Angle Sum Theorem ISN Page - fold the angles of the triangle together to form a straight line


Triangle Sum Property Scavenger Hunt

Triangle Sum Property made fun! Instead of doing another boring old worksheet; try a fun scavenger hunt and get your students up and moving around!This product consists of 10 geometry problems in which students apply triangle sum properties to calculate the value of x or the measure of an angle.


Transversals & Angles in a Triangle Interactive Notes & Graphic Organizer

This collection of interactive notes and graphic organizers is jam packed with scaffolded ideas to help students understand and remember concepts related to transversals and angles in a triangles. Great introduction to a lesson. These are to be used with an interactive notebook, sheet protectors, and as quick formative assessments.


Triangles - Exterior Angle Sum Theorem # 2 Coloring Activity