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Anglo Saxon History

The Peterbrough Chronicle. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles refer to a collection of old writings and manuscripts kept by monasteries across England. They are written in blackletter and tell the history of the Anglo-Saxons. The recording started in the 9th century during the reign of Alfred the Great and stopped at different times in different regions. The Peterborough chronicle was still being updated as late as 1154.


Comparison of Old English and modern English, with the introduction of Beowulf. The full site is an encyclopedia of languages with information on history of languages, etc.


Ancient boundaries are the strongest

A study released last week shows that up to 40 per cent of our DNA may be from Germanic ancestors, and not the Vikings, thanks to the Anglo-Saxon migrations here in 450-600AD. The project is particularly interesting because it would seem that our genetic make-up bares out those old traditions and clichés about how we relate to each other. So the age-old rivalries between Devon and Cornwall – take for example the bitter wars fought over whether you put jam or cream on a scone first...


Maps of Anglo-Saxon England | Kemble This Map is based upon Bede's Ecclesiastical History