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Anglo Saxon Houses

Saxon pottery found at Wisbech playground site

Throughout the years more Vikings came to England killing one of the Anglo-Saxon kings, King Edmund, but later King Alfred attempted to make peace with them. Description from I searched for this on


Most of the information we have about the Anglo-Saxons comes from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a year-by-year account of all the major events of the time. Description from I searched for this on


West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village 1/6 The oldest house, built on the site of the original building, with the Hall in the background. All the buildings are experimental reconstructions built to test different interpretations of the archaeological evidence.


On this day 6th January, 1066 the last Anglo-Saxon King of England Harold II was crowned. He reigned for ten months before he died at the Battle of Hastings, fighting the Norman invaders led by William the Conqueror. Harold was the first of only three Kings of England to have died in battle, the other being Richard I and Richard III


"Anglo Saxon house - a reconstruction" This shows how an every day Saxon would live and the lay of ones land and home would be.


The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.