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Angular velocity is equal to the circumference (2 pi r) times the frequency; if whirling a mass around in a horizontal circle, can find the radius of the circle by (length of string x sinangle), then use the above equation

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Have all of the relevant physics information you’ll need to solve kinematics, force, energy, and thermodynamics problems at your fingertips with these handy physics equations and constants. Here, you find important physics equations to remember, five useful physical constants, and common moments of inertia equations.

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Forced oscillation (driven oscillation): if apply a periodically varying driving force with angular frequency to a damped harmonic oscillator; the angular frequency with which the mass oscillates is equal to the driving angular frequency; if we force the oscillator to vibrate w/ angular freq nearly equal to angular frequency: it is naturally disposed to oscillate at a certain freq, so we expect the amplitude to be larger than when the 2 are very different; little damp: sharp A peak when…

Frequency Formula, conversion and calculation; Period; cycle duration; periodic time; angular frequency, etc

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Beautiful photography to get inspired by

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alternating current: current amplitude as a function of angular frequency [Credit: Courtesy of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University]

particle fluctuation | Angular Frequency Of A Charged Particle In A Magnetic Field