Professor Angus Deaton wins Nobel prize 2015 in economics - Scottish economist is best known for his work on health, wellbeing, and economic development

A Conversation with Nobel Prize-Winner, Angus Deaton by Legatum Institute on SoundCloud

Angus Deaton wins 2015 Nobel Prize in Economics #Deaton, #NobelPrize, #Economics, #World

Angus Deaton: "My work shows how important it is that independent researchers should have access to data, so that government statistics can be checked, and so that the democratic debate within India can be informed by the different interpretations of different scholars. High quality, open, transparent, and uncensored data are needed to support democracy." (and prosperity & welfare)

Angus Deaton, profesor de Princeton, tras el anuncio del Nobel de Economía 2015. (Reuters)

He's a microeconomist who studies consumer choices with a focus on issues including health, poverty, and inequality.

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Sollen wir mehr Entwicklungshilfe leisten, damit die Migranten daheim bleiben? Bloß nicht, sagt der neue Nobelpreisträger.

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