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I often get asked by readers "where do I start with animal communication? What is the best approach?"

from Amanda Linette Meder

4 Tips To Improve Your Animal Communication Abilities

Want to develop your animal communication skills? Learn the steps to improve your animal communication and connection today!


Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. ~ Alice Walker


Equine therapy is an effective method for teaching teamwork, communication, and problem solving. It provides a natural setting in which to face fears and increase confidence and self-esteem.


Brown bears can be found in Alaska's national parks.

from Purpose Animal

How A Pet Psychic Changed My Life

I wanted to share how a beautiful earth angel called Faye Rogers – changed my life.   I don’t say this lightly.   I connected with Faye 5 years ago now and my world hasn’t been the same since. Faye is an INTERNATIONAL Animal Communicator (Animal Psychic) based here in New Zealand.  It was the end of 2010 and I was feeling the need to connect with an Animal Communicator to talk to my bunny boy Apple about a medical issue.   Luckily Faye had a website. Otherwise I may never have found her!  …

from Playbuzz

What Would Your Spirit Animal Be?

Muitas vezes Guias, Mestres etc, usam alguma forma animal para se comunicar, também falam do animal de poder no interior de cada um... Quando sonhares ou perceberes com o canto do olho uma presença animal, preste atenção, pode haver uma mensagem naquele momento. Ouça sua intuição, ela não falha..

from Laughing Squid

An Informative Illustration That Explains What Cats Are Communicating Through Their Body Language

An Informative Illustration That Explains What Cats Are Communicating Through Body Language

from Foursquare

Serenity Grove Wellness Center LLC

Individual animals, just like individual humans, have their own thoughts, personalities, needs and perspectives on the world in which we live. Our ability to communicate with animals opens up new possibilities of sharing and learning from the wisdom that animals can impart to us.