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This website included an article discussing how hunters in other countries treat their hunting dogs if they do not do a good job. It also includes a petition to sign in order to put a ban on this horrific "tradition". I think that this could be a helpful website in order to help people realize that just by signing a petition, they can make a difference.


Petition · Change the animal cruelty laws. · THOSE HUGE CHAINS ARE THE STUPIDEST AND CRUELEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You'll Never Guess Why Mississippi Felony Animal Cruelty Law Probably Won't Pass

SPEAK OUT! ENOUGH SUFFERING!!!! DEMAND TOUGHER PENALTIES FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY HERE! There is a nationwide crisis involving brutal acts of violence and cruelty against companion animals which cry out for meaningful changes in cruelty laws which will actually serve as deterrents to these heinous atrocities! While euthanasia is my personal preference, this proposal is a vast improvement over the current (PITIFUL) cruelty laws! PLZ Sign and Share Widely!


Sign & share this petition! Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, please bring House Resolution 752 to the floor for approval by the House of Representatives. House Resolution 752 (H. Res 752) condemns the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, for extreme animal cruelty, and urges China to enact an animal cruelty law that bans the killing...


Applaud Tougher Animal Cruelty Laws

Petition · Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws and Stop the Castration of Pets Without Sedation and Without a License to Practice Veterinary Medicine ·

To enforce the existing animal cruelty laws in Spain to stop the barbaric treatment of the Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) | I hate these people with every fiber of my being and I swear I'd do something really horrible to someone if I came upon a sight such as this as described in this petition. If you have a heart at all, I am begging you to SIGN and share this petition widely and really get signatures. Please always sign these petitions for the galgos (greyhounds), please!