any animal shelter can only cease euthanasia if the community it is in is willing to step up and help too. this is what people do not understand. it is not the fault of the is the fault of the community

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Austin dramatically lowered its euthanasia rate for shelter animals by implementing innovative programs. Steal these ideas and make it happen where you live. #pets #animals

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Recently, a client played a slow, jazz version of Over the Rainbow while saying goodbye to her kitty.

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End the vicious cycle of unnecessary animal euthanasia due to an over-population of homeless pets

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SPEAK OUT! ENOUGH SUFFERING!!!! DEMAND TOUGHER PENALTIES FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY HERE! There is a nationwide crisis involving brutal acts of violence and cruelty against companion animals which cry out for meaningful changes in cruelty laws which will actually serve as deterrents to these heinous atrocities! While euthanasia is my personal preference (no joke), this proposal is a vast improvement over the current (PITIFUL) cruelty laws! PLZ Sign and Share Widely!

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Painful dog and cat euthanization by gas chamber is still commonplace in many counties. With humane euthanization methods readily available, this painful death should not be inflicted upon an animal. Put an end to the barbarity and urge lawmakers to support more humane animal euthanasia methods.

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Every 8 seconds, a shelter animal is euthanized... Only 10% of shelter animals are spayed or neutered... 10,000 animals are killed every day... This is why we formed Hendrick make a see a world without the need for animal euthanasia. Join our cause one shirt, one skateboard at a time.

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