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Men Without Women

Animal Farm - English born writer Eric Blair better known as George Orwell takes the atrocities and hypocricies of the 20th Century surrounding the Russian Revolution and transforms Trotsky, Lenin and their followers into farm animals and proves to everyone that all aninals are created equal but some are created more equal!

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*!* Book Cover// Animal Farm, by George Orwell - Designer: Shepard Fairey

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Animal Farm match up. I'll never forget this or the symbolism for the French revolution in Dickens' A tale of two Cities either, thanks to my high school AP English teacher!

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28 Brilliant Works Of Literary Graffiti

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Animal Farm Unit - Free Ideas

Quick ways to add interest while teaching Animal Farm. Get students feeling the impact of Orwell's novel.

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7 Things I Learned From Animal Farm

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Animal Farm by George Orwell Jeopardy -like Review Game product from FeilsEnglishOneStopShop on

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Animal Farm (1954 Cartoon) George Orwell

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