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Secondary English text guide. Complete guide to Animal Farm by George Orwell: summary, analysis, character profiles and activities.


With this extensive Animal Farm by George Orwell Teacher Guide, your students will understand parallels between the story and the 1917 revolution in Russia.


"Animal Farm" SUMMARY/OVERVIEW -- George Orwell's "Animal Farm" ... from 60second Recap® | [ Sound like a genius ... in 60 seconds.™ ] If you remember one thing about George Orwell's novel, "Animal Farm," remember this: This book is pure allegory. You didnt really think that Orwell would insult your intelligence by writing a book that was merely about a bunch of talking farm animals, did you? 60second Recap® has th…


Confused about literature terms and want an explanation not from Check out this woman's YouTube channel. This particular video is on allegories.


Animal Farm by George Orwell - Plot Diagram: Help students visualize the Animal Farm Plot using storyboards / graphic organizers! Students' storyboards should include references to Animal Farm allegory, Animal Farm characters, and Animal Farm vocabulary, whenever possible.


George Orwell's Animal Farm is an allegory for communism & the Russian Revolution. Activities include Animal Farm characters, summary, allegory, & more