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Not all heroes wear capes

The family dog was let loose during a fire and it went back to save the kitten still inside. ---- Not all heroes wear capes

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Well, the courts said I can assume that what he does to my K-9 he WILL do to me. The fact is, this will not happen. I do FULLY and with all my heart support the spirit with which this was posted. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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Smile, hero dog! This is MWD Anax, who lost a leg in Afghanistan. His handler, who will be adopting him, still plays with his hero as he did before his injury, and Anax doesn't seem to mind at all. He dotes on his handler, and his handler adores him. Chec

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When you snuggle your furry friends tonight, remember the four-legged heroes serving away from home this holiday season!

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heroes come in all shape and sizes. thank you to all who helped on 9/11- two legged or four.

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Lance Cpl. Suzanna Knotts/Marine Corps Sgt. Daniel Pierce, a dog handler with Marine Corps Base Hawaii's military working dog section, conducts training with Mido, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois working dog, at the dog training area behind the Provost Marshal's Office on Tuesday. Mido was given a command to jump up and intimidate Pierce by barking in his face without hurting him.

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Search And Rescue UK SAR.I am proud to have served 3 Years in this voluntary sector organisation........And I hope for many more years to come <3 Ej

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In pictures: Animals at war

This is an incredibly profound shot. The bravery of the men and their dogs in service to our country. ~ And, yes they are UK Military!

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