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Pink Gets Naked for New PETA Ad

The singer posed nude for the animal rights organization's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign

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Beautiful quote by Johnny Depp. - One animal activist organization is PETA *Abuse to animals is so cruel. DO NOT SUPPORT CATS IN JARS....JAPANESE DO THIS...CRUELTY TO CATS................SO SAD.

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make the connection; dairy & eggs don't just magically appear! a living sentient being is confined, tortured, abused & murdered for you to consume that crap...poison to your body...

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Order your free Vegetarian Starter Guide - full of tips, recipes and information on adopting a cruelty-free diet - Mercy For Animals

6 organizations that protect animal rights

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare works hard to rescue animals in need all over the world. Sign up to become a part of the solution.

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More Than 150 Billion Animals Slaughtered Every Year because we are not being Humane Beings! BE the change (compassionate cruelty free consumer)... BE Vegan!

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The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii is a not-for-profit volunteer organization founded in 1990 to promote human health, animal rights, and protection of the environment by means of vegetarian education. It's among the largest vegetarian/vegan societies in the nation.

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