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The wielder of the evil eye is described as having a striking facial appearance, high arching brows with a stark stare and black eyes. He often has a reputation for clandestine involvement with dark powers and is the object of gossip about dealings in magic and other forbidden practices. He is often very charasmatic and public figures through history have had their special powers attributed to their evil eye.

Imagine~~ He just commit a crime, you saw him in the center of, now, he's made you his hostage. Whether you live or die is completely up to your willingness to listen

Sebastian Michaelis | Black Butler | He actually looks properly happy in this picture! Someone must be being tortured out of the shot...

*I walked out of my room just wearing jeans, black shirt, black combat boots, and a black jacket. With my book in my hand. I had my hair down so it went to the middle of my back. I went down the stairs and I stopped and went a little pale when I saw them. I wasn't in my normal formal wear, so they never seen this side in me.*

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(Be her. His name is Levi.) I sigh and sit on a giant rock in the park. It's late at night so it's only me out. We'll there's also the few nocturnal animals, but I'm about the only human out. I look to my left as I hear you step on a twig. I watch you carefully with my stormy grey eyes.

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Touken Ranbu | Izumi no Kami Kanesada WOW this guy is srly handsome and totally my type. Dear Santa i wish to meet him in real life.... hahah <3

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50 Examples of Anime Digital Art

o desenho de um menino que mesmo com suas diferenças ele penssa nos outros e ignorado pela sua mae ele segue sua vida em diante e corre atras de ser feliz e de seus sonhos suplementares.

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Right in the feels

To all those with cancer I hope you get better and I hope they come up with a cure, I'll be cheering for your life on the side line :D

I FEEL LIKE THIS IS ME WHEN I'M WATCHING ANIME AND THE GUYS ARE SO HOT!!! Repin if you feel the same way 'kay. ;D

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