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    From Fisheye Placebo by Yummei Read at –> yuumei.deviantart... (when putting up pictures that actually give the artist's name, like RIGHT THERE on an art site, please give credit to them ^w^)

    There is a flash of black, then a boy with enormous feathered wings sets down behind me.

    random anime guy with headphones, it kinda throws me off that it's difficult to find his nose :P

    Well, um... I feel like I will date a few guys like that some time in my life.


    sad anime guy with headphones

    great idea, to just have the eyes and headphones in color! X)

    I'm not big on fan-art, but it's so amazing I simply had to pin this drawing of Yukine!

    Holy hotness *--* I think anime is better especially with jacks dark side. Btw, Jack's dark side and Elsa's mach really well...just like the regular (normal) side of them

    Shane, cousin of Jay, he is very mysterious and sly. He tends to play jokes on those like Rose and Kai. He is interested in Isaac's magic, because it comes from him mostly. He also is interested in Gale, and gave him his cursed form. He is a demon and his kids are Clarice and Adrian, and his powers are like theirs, just stronger. He likes Arianna, and is enemies with No Face, ever since he tried to take over Shane's throne.

    Michel.a boy from the northern colony's.he quiet and has a bad habit of watching sky from afar. He likes her but ever time she tries to talk to him he totally flips. (Played by Emma)

    new anime guy | Who should win? Be sure to nominate who will reign supreme for this ...

    Anime Guy Music | am sane. Its this world thats crazy.

    #manga hot guy

    Soul Eater (Black*Star x Reader) - Chapter 2 - Page 1 - Wattpad

    #anime #guy Why can't there be guys this cute in real life? Well.... there are some...... but still...I never got to see any in real life yet...

    Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland — Gino Knab

    Free! ~ (Pirate) Haru by Evil-usagi on deviantART

    ivan be my princess | kvethans:Be My Princess Season 2 - Ivan Chernenkov [Main Route First ...

    "Neptune took this photo of me moment after I woke up - I hate (love) her."

    ADOPTED Razr is 15. He hates listening to others, and he's very rebellious. He often is off in his own world, listening to music.

    Master Anime Ecchi Hentai Guys/Boy Anime Pictures Wallpapers Gif Scene Still Anime Original Art (epicwallcz.blogsp...) Solo Armor Style Vogue Male Focus Necktie Formal Suit (

    I love Tsubaki ♥♥♥♥ so sexy lol

    Damien Haruno (Kisaris brother)

    #manga #anime #Hibari Kyoya I'll take the ice cream and the little ducky!!!! ^.^ aw... So cute!~