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Anime openings

Especially the slow, acoustic version of Unravel that played in last episode of Tokyo Ghoul Root A. I sobbed.

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Anime facts love Japan so much<<I can understand why! Some of the theme are fucking awesome!

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My sister's and I sometimes sing along to the RWBY theme song... We also sing to the Shugo Chara opening/ending... Well, we used to, until they changed it...

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I don't see what's important about understanding the lyrics of a song. I've never listened to music for the lyrics, but that's just me.

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Which anime openings do you guys always watch because they are awesome? I always watch Attack on Titan and D Gray Man's openings

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Yep. Raising the volume to 100 while crying XD TOTALLY RELATABLE

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One punch man, Tokyo ghoul, attack on titan, and yuri on ice

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Bagahahaha That's my friend and I listening to the AOT theme song

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HD-Lucky Star Opening Creditless Lucky stars is a fab anime _ its so fun 2 watch!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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I don't know, who this guy is, but if one of his friends, relatives or anyone close to him reads this: Give him a handsake/ hug and tell him, that he made someone really happy, and he earned my respect.

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