"The weak can change into the strongest"// Tokyo goul

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and now I'm just not surprised when people leave, I'm actually more surprised when they stay - my little monster quote

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"If you're cold, you will hurt people. If you're sensitive, they will hurt you.." || Anime: Kiznaiver || © edited by Karunase || karunase.tumblr.com

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"I'm not an unhappy person, I'm just tired of the same routine and people and the bullshit they bring.." || Anime: Oregairu || © edited by Karunase || karunase.tumblr.com

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As we grow, we find out that not everything is perfect, so be prepared for imperfection and expect little from people.

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It's not that we're weak when we don't, it's just that we can't find the right people to talk to

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There are two types of pain, pain that hurts you and pain that changes you // Yona of the dawn quote

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