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Tibialis posterior tendonitis is a degenerative condition of the Tibialis Posterior tendon which travels behind and then below the inner ankle bone


There are 26 bones in the human foot which are grouped into 7 tarsals, 5 metatarsals and 14 phalanges, for a total of 33 joints, of which 20 are actively articulated

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how to wear ankle booties with socks

How to Wear Ankle Booties with Socks - give your jeans 2 little rolls (Madewell Skinny Jeans: Rip & Repair Edition), slip on thicker camp socks (J.Crew), bunch them up, & tuck them under your jeans, slip on ankle booties (Sam Edelman - Lucille in whiskey)

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Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans Nice skinny leg jeans. Sits just below ankle bone. Levi's Jeans Skinny

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BitWrap Prints- Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One Band

ATTENTION: It would be very helpful to PLEASE include your EXACT wrist/ankle measurement (ankle measurement is taken above ankle bone) in the


This often occurs in overweight, middle aged women and men as a result of degenerative changes in the tendon. The rupture may be partial or complete with pain below or behind the inside ankle bone (medial malleolus). A flattened arch is common. Anti-inflammatory treatment (physical therapy modalities), orthoses, and surgical debridement are common treatments.