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During a traumatic injury like a serious ankle sprain, the nervous system usually protects the area by shutting off various muscle groups. Proper muscle re-activation will be needed in order for full recovery to occur. It’s important to remember that the area is not yet recovered just because it’s pain-free. Full recovery means that all of the muscles are re-activated and full function is restored.


Phyisical therapy for a broken proximal fibula and torn ankle ligaments. The more conscientious I am about PT the sooner I can go back to squats deadlifts and surfing. #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymrat by fit2srf


Exercises for Torn Ankle Ligaments

Exercises can strengthen and rehabilitate torn ligaments in your ankle as well as the muscles that surround these ligaments. Partially and fully torn ligaments can also be referred to as ankle sprains. Warm-ups, stretching and balance and strength exercises can help you avoid torn ankle ligaments.