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The 6 Funniest Parodies of the Oscar-Nominated "Her"

This exactly what I thought every single time I saw a Her poster! Thank you whoever made this! #arresteddevelopment

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Community Post: 9 Hilarious Names Given To Ann Veal

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"Letting your son go on that church thing." "Her name is Ann, and he's not 'going' on her" #Arrested Development #George #Michael #AnnHog

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Community Post: Life As A Struggling Twentysomething As Told Through "Arrested Development" GIFs

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Which Arrested Development Character are you? I got Lucille

Exclusive Infographic: Which ‘Arrested Development’ Character Are You?

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Preview Gallery 1988’s ‘Arrested Development’ Tribute Exhibition

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The 70 Best Jokes From "Arrested Development" Season 4

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