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Anniversary Messages For Him

`As Christians, we just don’t wait for His coming, we live life while obeying His commandments, loving others as we love ourselves. We live out our purpose, the reason we were made, to give to the needy, to serve and to share! We worship, we glorify Him, we give Him thanks for He is forever worthy to be praised! We just don’t wait, we move, we act — WE DO HIS WILL. -MauB


"Just because you didn’t get the job, the acceptance letter, the relationship, or any opportunity you were hoping for doesn’t mean that you have lost any value. Your relationship with Jesus is what gives value to your life and God still has good things in store for you." –QUITE Women Co.

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{Day 15} Our Neck: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40


Dr. Ben Carson — the brilliant neurosurgeon and staunch conservative who appears to have his eye on a possible presidental run — says he will never, ever be intimidated into silence by critics who attack him for his beliefs.


????UPDATES??? Pinned by Daresay <3..... The Power of Prayer! Prayer Request from your sister in THE LORD [daresay]*Favor for a job I'm desiring* I'm Boldly Asking THE FATHER for this opportunity *[Matthew 7:7-11] *Please stand in agreement for HIS Favor in The Spirit of THE MESSIAH CHRIST JESUS*Amen

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Inspirational Quotes

True! Don't assume you have time or that you only need to ask His forgiveness once! Ask for His forgiveness every time you sin and try to truly seek Him daily.