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Third decan of Libra - Introductorium in astronomiam Albumasaris Abalachi, octo continens libros partiales. - "A la fin" : Venetiis, mandato et expensis Melchionis Sessa, per Jacobum Pentium Leucensem, anno Domini 1506, die 5 septembris...

Anno Domini--(AD or A.D.) and before Christ (BC or B.C.) are used to label or number years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The term anno Domini is Medieval Latin, which means in the year of the Lord but is often translated as in the year of our Lord. It is occasionally set out more fully as anno Domini nostri Iesu (or Jesu) Christi ("in the year of Our Lord Jesus Christ").

Detriment Ft Hidden & M-Acculate -The Industry (prod. by Anno Domini) by Detriment Hip Hop on SoundCloud

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Specimen # 29.Hospital Screen .soft tissue anatomy sculpture by Andrew Delaney .Anno Domini Home . The Vivisector . Pic by Vikki Kassioras

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Specimen # 8.Medical chart .detail .soft anatomy sculpture by Andrew Delaney .Anno Domini Home . The Vivisector .

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The Night Christmas was Born (A Christmas Trade in "T'was the night before Christmas" for this Christian centered poem that glorifies the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Spanish Medieval Knight (1060 anno Domini), Jaime Martinez on ArtStation at

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