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Another Word For Experience

Let's talk about karma. This word is rooted in sanskrit which means "doing". In other words "karma" translates to "doing" which in return it means that whatever happens to you is your own doing. No matter what happens it is your own doing in one way or another. Everything comes back to you simply because it is your own doing or your own karma. Karma is not a chain that imprisones anyone unless we refuse to take responsibility for the life we live. In which case we go around blaming everyone…


Truth. Discern what you hear. Discipline your mouth. Our words matter: you never know what someone will believe about another just because someone alluded to a conclusion about them.

from e.a. deverell

Try/Fail Cycle (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Worksheet – Try/Fail Cycle In honour of NaNoWriMo, this month’s worksheets will have one purpose: to increase your word count by hook or by book. A try/fail cycle is another wonderful writerly device that confounds the character’s path from A to B by making them go in circles for a while, like an airplane…

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There is truth in this, however, life’s purpose isn’t about avoiding disappointment. In most things the most growth comes from mistakes, failures, and pain. Don’t be afraid to intelligently, deliberately experience new things, that is what life is for. “As iron sharpens iron,    so one person sharpens another.” “If you’re not failing     you’re not trying.”


If he does not claim you, he does not want you. Either he doesn't want you or he does not have what it takes to claim you. If a man is tentative about it then he is not the man for you. Now, we often do not consider seriously enough the matters of the heart. A call to love to another human being is a very sacred experience. The heart of a human being is to be held in a holy space, and if we treat it as such, there will be far less pain involved.


The heart has no control over who it loves. You should never be upset for letting your heart love. There is always a lesson to learn behind each loving encounter you experience. You are a student of the Universe, sent to learn many lessons-- all about love! Bill-


i can't even put words to how much i love this image. it captures so much of my experiences as an MK/tck and heart for the world.