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Ansoff Matrix PowerPoint Template with 9 Boxes is a free PPT template with a simple Ansoff Matrix PowerPoint diagram that you can download to make presentations on market and product growth


Ansoff Matrix for PowerPoint Presentations is a free Ansoff slide design that you can download for your MBA presentations and Marketing courses


The image represents Ansoff's Matrix. We position the Zenba Relaxation bathtub in the "Product Development"-category, as we are targeting an existing market with our new (developed and differentiated) product.


How to use the Ansoff Matrix Strategic questions that can be answered using the matrix include: Market Penetration: How to sell more of your existing products or services to your existing customer base? Market Development: How to enter new markets? Product and Development: How to develop existing products or services. Diversification: How to move into new markets with new products or services, increase your sales with your existing customer base as well as acquisition.