Fatimah's Story - when she is talking about her grandmother channeling a demon and compares it to Muhammad and his "revelations." Goodness, how awful!!!

Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world and is continuously demonized. Here, we give you simple answers to the popular misconceptions about Islam. If you are a non-Muslim, we hope these points will help you understand more about Islam and erase any doubts you may have. If you are a Muslim, we hope you take knowledge away from this article and use it to help erase such misconceptions when a situation arises.-- Follow link to read more-

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Islam Question and Answer - English - islamqa.info

Perhaps you have heard of taqiyya, the Muslim doctrine that allows lying in certain circumstances, primarily when Muslim minorities live under infidel authority. Now meet tawriya, a doctrine that a…

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