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Reading comprehension: Who? What? Where? Kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade reading- 15 cute short stories with related who, what, and where questions to answer $


Scientific notation guided notes & practice problems

This is 7 pages of Scientific Notation notes and practice. 2 pages of references and notes with practice problems, 2 pages of student guided notes, a full worksheet with practice problems and answer keys! This is a good reference that students can use as a homework helper, but it is also good for teachers to use as a lesson. ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED!


Exit Slip

Admit and Exit Slips (In Class Presentation) Activates Prior Knowledge These are used for communication between the students and teacher but are also effective way to assess students’ understanding of new or old concepts. Admit Slips are done with the first 5 – 10 minutes of class. They can be written on a white board or students can jot them in their journals. Exits slips can be a ticket out of the class, not homework. Give students time to answer it before the end of class. This helps…


Homework can be fun with...

How to Play: Each student who has completed all homework assignments for the week gets one turn. If a student lands on "Chance" or "Computer Card", they will get the prize shown on that card (see below for prizes). If a student lands on "Spelling Question" or "Math Question", they must answer a review question (this is the part the teacher loves!!)


funny homework | smartass homework test answers | the funny things kids say & draw....


Kids Inappropriate Test and Homework Answers: Funniest Kids Answers

From Student Beans, some really funny doodles and defaced tests. People are so funny! Check them out here: Student Beans. More stories about oddities. Photo credit: copied from Student Beans


School book answers online - and this is why future generations are stupid. Do the work like the rest of us had to.