The honeypot ant - a perfect example of nature’s strategy to survive in bad times. The honeypot ant or honey ant, is a normal ant species, but has adopted a special strategy to survive when there is a lack of food. Some of the working ants eat food and divert it into sweet syrup and save this syrup in their abdomens. For that, there abdomen grows big like a pot, sometimes to the size of a grape.

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Long mandibula of an ant | In #China? Try for award winning #kid's #science |

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Protomognathus americanus, an American species of slavemaker ant, raids the nests of a neighboring ant species (Temnothorax longispinosus), killing the adult ants and running off with the young. Back at the nests of their oppressors, the enslaved ants are forced to bring the masters food, defend their nest and care for their larvae.

The Kerengga Ant-like Jumper(Myrmarachne plataleoides) mimics the ant species ‘Oecophylla smaragdina’, in appearance and behavior, living in bushes and trees where there are colonies of this ant species, which she copies. This gives her protection, since the ants have a painful sting, scaring away predators, and also makes the spider seem more harmless, reaching closer to their prey.

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Battle of the Ants Which is the most notorious ant species on earth?

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