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For those of you that are IGNORANT to the dark side of pregnancy (which DOES exist), try googling "Antenatal depression" and EDUCATE yourself before you add IRRELEVANT opinions to my life, my feelings, and my situation. Thank you.


Pregnancy is generally seen as a time of cheerfulness, fulfilment and joy. Perhaps because of this, depression in pregnancy can be difficult both for women and the people around them to accept and recognise. If you think that you may be depressed or you are experiencing a dramatic change of emotions during pregnancy, it is important that you talk either to your midwife or GP, so that they can help you.

from The Huffington Post

Prenatal Depression Warning Signs: Here's What to Look For

Until recently, doctors didn't even think a woman could get depressed during pregnancy, because they believed antenatal hormones protected against it. The fact is, as many as 70% of women will experience symptoms of depression during pregnancy....

7 Measures To Tackle And Prevent Depression During Pregnancy
from MomJunction

7 Ways To Tackle & Prevent Depression During Pregnancy

from The Stir

Depression During Pregnancy: What Moms Need to Know

You've heard of postpartum depression - but depression DURING pregnancy is common, too. Here's what pregnant moms need to know.


Antenatal Depression: Robbed of the Joy of Pregnancy

from Mail Online

Pregnant and terrified: It's maternity's biggest taboo, but antenatal depression is very real

Pregnant and terrified: It's maternity's biggest taboo, but antenatal depression…