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Hero Journey in Anthem by Ayn Rand

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"Anthem" by Ayn Rand. I figured it was about time I read what she had to say for herself instead of summaries, but didn't have the energy to slog through Atlas Shrugged. Didn't make me an Objectivist, but an interesting story with good warnings.

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Just chills. And inspiration. Whatever your fight, fight on. It is not greater than what is within you. Anthem - Ayn Rand

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Anthem by Ayn Rand 2-Week Unit with ELA 9-10 & 11-12 Common Core with the following: 1.) Unit Plan with Daily Instructions and Common Core Alignment 2.) PowerPoint on Ayn Rand, Her Philosophy, & Collectivism 3.) Two Vocabulary Activities + Keys 4.) Journal Questions for the Novel and Discussion 5.) Small Group Questions 6.) Test on Collectivism and the Novel + Key 7.) "House of Public Relations" Project + Student Samples

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From Ayn Rand's Anthem: So True. Speak affirmations and make declarations into your mind until become reality.

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