Sony RX1-R unveiled - small full-frame with no anti-aliasing filter | Sony's RX1-R is a small full-frame compact camera with no anti-aliasing filter. Will it shoot clearer or suffer from moiré patterning? Buying advice from the leading technology site

Anti-aliasing filters are used to blur the lines between repeating patterns in order to avoid wavy lines (often referred to as moire). But before we can fully understand what the anti-aliasing filter does for our…

Non-low-pass filters explained: Goodbye to anti-aliasing? | Recent arrivals suggest that the days may be numbered for the anti-aliasing filter over a camera sensor. But what does that mean to photographers? Buying advice from the leading technology site

Mosaic Engineering VAF Series of Optical Anti-Aliasing Filters For Canon & Nikon Cameras:

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Should I buy a camera without a low-pass (anti-aliasing) filter? | Photo Life

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