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Corruption in Russia is mind-blowing: Corruption is a high risk in Russia, and companies may encounter bribery or facilitation payment requests. Anti-corruption laws are poorly enforced.

Why there will never be such thing as a good anti-bullying law -- “We need to stand behind the students who just want to keep their heads down, do their work and get the hell out of there into the civilized world without making themselves a target for bullies,” Chris Selley writes.

Battling bullies in the classroom may land you in a courtroom. Today, most states, including New York, have anti-bullying laws. However, for Tracy Klestadt, it took nearly a decade for his daughter...

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New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law: Benefit and Burden


How US states rank regarding cyberbullying.  Out of 46 states in the U.S., including the District of Columbia, Michigan ranks number one for having the biggest bullying problems in 2016. The study conducted by Wallethub measured, among other things, bullying and cyberbullying prevalence and the impact of anti-bullying laws in st... Read more:

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33 states don't protec LGBT students from bullying

33 states don't protect LGBT students in anti-bullying laws - Vox

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Ivy League students say faculty singles out Republicans

Ivy League students say faculty singles out Republicans by making them state their party affiliation. BULLYING 101. But these are the same piss ants who want ANTI BULLY LAWS enforced.