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I was in charge of the main bulletin board in the 7/8 grade hallway. October is Anti-Bullying Month, so I made a trash can because "Bullying Stinks." The colored pieces are statistics on bullying.

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For anti-bullying month, my Grade 6 students decided to create an I-Phone 6 door. Seeing as how they were in Grade 6, this was a great idea. Each student created an app with an anti-bullying message that related.

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McGruff the Crime Dog teaches kids about how to stop, talk and walk when faced with bullying in this funny 5-minute video. The role bystanders can play in helping to create a safe, happy community is also discussed.

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Students could write/draw examples of bullying and put in in the trash can. Great board to put up at the beginning of the year! This link does not go to the blog, but the picture is enough!

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These 10 Anti-Bullying Posters are great teaching tools and reminders for your students. They are also part of a complete Bullying Prevention Kit. (TpT resource)

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