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Great article on anti-plagiarism strategies for teachers. The article identifies reasons students plagiarize in their writing as well as provides ideas to prevent and detect plagiarism in student writing. Several resources available for purchase are listed if teachers would like to obtain more information.

Anti-Plagiarism Software will gives you to protect your paper for copied content and save the research . Plagiarized content might destroy your research.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Anti - Plagiarism Animation Paraphrasing

With copy-and-paste functions running rampant in the classroom, students need to learn how to paraphrase effectively! These fun movie quotes do the trick! PIXAR Paraphrasing -- An Anti-plagiarism Activity (Creative English Classroom)


Plagiarism: This article offers information on why students plagiarize, ways they may plagiarize, as well as ways to inform students about the dangers of it and ways to avoid it. I would use some of the suggestions to make assignments clear and reduce plagiarism by providing a list of specific topics or requiring an annotated bibliography.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Anti - Plagiarism Animation Paraphrasing

With the ease of copy-and-paste functions, teachers must be extra vigilant to teach students the art of effective paraphrasing. This fun activity gives