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Anti-social behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists. -Nikola Tesla; same thing Howard Zinn said~the problem is civil obedience, NOT civil disobedience. The grand thieves are running the country/ hollywood, etc. and thrive off of conformists.

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Antisocial Personalities - Are they the same as Psychopaths?

Anti-Social Personality Disorder has been linked to Oppositional Defiant Disorder in childhood which has developed into Conduct Disorder in adolescence.

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Prince Harry visits Princess Diana mentoring scheme in Aberdeen

Harry meets young people at Streetsport, an initiative of the Denis Law Legacy…


Next Time Someone Calls You Anti-Social, Quote Tesla

Absolutely! Once upon a time, being a "loner" meant that you were responsible, independent and intellectual. Nowadays it's considered an act of deviance. It isn't deviance in my book unless you're the type of loner who ends up a psychopathic dictator like Hitler. Lol!


These can overlap and the baseline is the unhealthy behaviour that is exhibited from personality dysfunctions. We need to educate ourselves and strengthen our self-worth so that we don't get pulled in again by people who need to gain self awareness and do a lot of healing. ~ Aeve Pomeroy